Panel Discussion: How Can We Address Sustainability Expectations Across the Full Value Chain & Support Our Supplier’s Sustainability Agendas?

Time: 12:25 pm
day: Pre-Conference Focus Day


Questions will include:

  • How do life sciences organizations cascade their own sustainability requirements within their own company?
  • How can we address sustainability expectations across the full value chain from supply to supplier and how mature is the life sciences industry in making this happen?
  • What are the best practices to engage suppliers and create a playbook to bring them on your ESG / sustainability journey with you?
  • How do you begin to tackle scope 3 and effectively collect data? What barriers can you expect to come across? How can we get around these?
  • Discussing the considerations challenges finding reputable sourcing for packaging that can meet more sustainable packing requirements without it becoming a supply and demand issue?
  • What is the cost of operating as a net zero business going forward? To what extent are we limited by technology and electrification on delivering on these goals?