Our ESG Commitment

To Creating a Sustainable & Socially Conscious Event

In alignment with our company's commitment to being a socially responsible business, we are implementing as many sustainable and socially conscious event practices as possible including the follow (with more to come): 


Planting a tree for every single ticket bought! 
With thanks to our partner: Treeapp 

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Partnering with local suppliers to use only biodegradable/eco-friendly signage  

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Not printing a single paper agenda for this event! Instead a QR code or App will be used. 

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Asking attendees to return their lanyard and badge for recycling

To Delivering an Outstanding Delegate Experience

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose, so we've ripped it up and started from scratch. When you look inside the following agenda, you will see three main types of session: .   

ESG impact report

Hanson Wade Group, a company committed to being a socially responsible business.  

In January 2022, we began working with the Sustainability Group, using their FuturePlus framework to both assess our impact and contributions to various aspects of environmental and social agendas, and to shape a roadmap of sustainability objectives going forward. 

Uncover the progress made over 2022 in our sustainability journey in our Impact Report.

To Serving Our People, Planet & Long-Term Prosperity

Discover Sessions

offer you the chance to hear the most admired ESG and sustainability leaders in manufacturing share the stories of what they've done to solve their most pressing ESG challenges 

Develop Sessions

provide you with the unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered in a room full of your peers and move beyond the 'what' and the 'why' to get to the 'how' 

Action Sessions

are designed to help you work with your team to set a clear, bespoke action plan of what you are going to change when you get back to your business to ensure you get a fast ROI