Conference Day One | Thursday October 10, 2024

07:45am Registration

8:30 am Program Director’s Welcome

How to Justify the ROI of ESG & Communicate Its Value For the Business

8:40 am Fireside Chat: Building a Leading Culture of Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Organizations & Advanced Digital Transformation in ESG

  • Joydeep Ganguly SVP of Corporate Operations, Board Chair- Gilead Foundation, Gilead, Gilead


  • How to build a culture of sustainability in pharmaceutical organizations (not a program but a culture)
  • Digital transformation in ESG: discussing leading use cases of AI and ML in ESG in life sciences organization in 2024
  • How to justify the ROI of ESG and communicate its value for the business, for example, to the CFO

9:20 am Presentation: Leveraging My Green Lab’s Programs to Generate Sustainable ROI

09:50am Speed Networking

Environmental Sustainability

Enhancing Supplier Engagement & Advancing Scope 3 Data Collection

10:50 am Panel Discussion: Enhancing Industry-wide Collaboration Along the Value Chain to Drive the Life Sciences Industry towards Net Zero in 2025


  • Developing partnerships and collaborations across the life sciences ecosystem to reduce our Scope 3 emissions
  • How to tackle the need for harmonization of supplier expectations and KPIs
  • Evolution of minimum expectations and premium sustainability value
  • Working with hospitals to reach end goals. What are their expectations? Who is responsible in the patient care pathway?
  • How can we work with suppliers to move products from cradle to cradle instead of cradle to grave?

11:30 am Presentation: Navigating the Complexities of Scope 3 Emissions in Biotech Organizations

  • Dianne Heiler Vice President - Sustainability and ESG & Global Head of Packaging Engineering, Repligen Corporation


  • What is the most effective way to collect this data that is less labor intensive for our facilities managers
  • Defining how to measure the aspects of Scope 3 to meet compliance
  • Uncover how Repligen are effectively mapping their Scope 3 emissions and the tools required to do this

12:00 pm Presentation:Presentation: Supplier Engagement & Tackling Scope 3 in Life Sciences Organizations

  • Koen Postuma Director Procurement – Scope 3 Environmental Sustainability, Merck


  • Setting internal and external expectations and the importance of collaboration within the value chain
  • What are some of the best practices and learnings?
  • Merck’s journey in developing and implementing a robust supplier engagement program

ESG Strategy

Refining an Overarching ESG Business Strategy

10:50 am Panel Discussion: Getting Buy-in & Getting Ahead of ESG in 2025 to Future-Proof Your Life Sciences Business

  • Kyra Lanza Associate Vice President, ESG, Merck & Co
  • Cassie Saitow Director, Investor Relations, Blueprint Medicines


  • Best practices to get continued buy in to your ESG strategy
  • What does an industry-leading ESG strategy look like in a life sciences organization in 2024?
  • How are you communicating ESG insights to key stakeholders?
  • What are the key ESG trends and considerations on the horizon to be aware of?

11:30 am Presentation: So You’ve Set Up: What’s Next? Looking to the Future of Your ESG Strategy in Biotech Organizations

  • Brooke Sapia Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Sarepta Therapeutics


  • How to set up for TCFD alignment and SEC climate rule in biotech organizations
  • How to make sense of ESG reporting soup
  • How to make significant progress in your ESG agenda for biotech organizations

12:00 pm Presentation: Regulation to Innovation: Translating Compliance into ESG Strategy

  • Itamar Schwartz Director ESG Reporting & Engagement, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


  • Taking preparation for CSRD and double material to the next step
  • How can compliance be translated into overall ESG strategy
  • Uncover how Regeneron is advancing their global ESG agenda while ensuring they have regulatory readiness

12:30pm Lunch

Advancing Sustainable Procurement & Supplier Diversity to Advance Towards Net Zero

1:30 pm Presentation: Designing & Implementing Supplier Sustainability Engagement Programs in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains


  • Effectively balancing the practicalities of running a large supply chain while pushing forward with an ambitious sustainability agenda
  • Curating a prioritization flow to align expectations, directional context and narrative for employees and suppliers
  • How BMS is effectively operationalizing their commitment in the sustainability space including embedding processes in procurement and the data around this

2:00 pm Presentation: Practical Approaches to Reducing Environmental Impact: Packaging Reductions & Decarbonization in the Supply Chain

  • Sharon Vidal Senior Director - Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Illumina


  • The innovation and the integration of sustainability in product development and the impact on the whole value chain for sustainability
  • Discussing the business impact of sustainability for example in packaging reductions and enabling ambient shipment rather than cold chain
  • How Illumina have made significant progress in reducing environmental impact while simultaneously delivering on positive business impact

Mitigating Climate, Nature & Organizational Risk

1:30 pm Presentation: Advancing a Global Nature Strategy Including Biodiversity

  • Kristie Boissonneault Global Senior Manager, Environmental Compliance and Risk and Global Nature Lead, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company


  • Discussing your next generation of goals and tackling the next level of climate risk assessment in accordance to TNFD
  • The intersection between nature and human health strategy
  • Developing a biodiversity strategy including biodiversity footprint within both direct operations and the value chain

2:00 pm Roundtable Workshop: Understanding the Intersection Between Climate & Health as Well as the Business Implications in Pharma Organizations

Led By Event Chair


Join this interactive discussion session moderated by an expert to uncover lessons learned, best practices and seek inspiration amongst peers at your table.

2:30pm Networking Break

Enhancing Employee Engagement In Your Sustainability Mission

3:00 pm Roundtable Workshop: How to Enhance Employee Engagement in Your Sustainability Mission

  • Lianna Widell Manager, Sustainability & Social Impact, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical


Join this interactive discussion session moderated by an expert to uncover lessons learned, best practices and seek inspiration amongst peers at your table.

4:00 pm Presentation: Accelerating Global Impact By Employees Powering the ESG Innovation Engine

  • Kyra Lanza Associate Vice President, ESG, Merck & Co


  • Harness employees across local markets to power ESG innovation that’s linked to the corporate strategy
  • Uncover on-the-ground opportunities specific to ESG in the tenders process, maximize innovative partnerships, and link talent strategies to growth
  • Hear detailed insights from local markets where adaptability and ground-level operations have been critical for ESG success

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 1