Conference Day Two | Wednesday November 15, 2023

8:00 am
Registration & Networking

Rethinking Transparency, Communications to Better Engage Employees with Your ESG Agenda

8:40 am Discover: The Brand-New Thinking to Better Engage Employees in Your ESG Mission and Uncovering Effective Localization Strategies for ESG

  • Rachel Taylor Executive Director ESG Strategy & Engagement, Merck & Co


  • What more can we do to engage all employees in the ESG mission and ensure people see themselves as part of the solution regardless of if working in lab office or size of organization?
  • Uncover localization strategies for ESG to ensure local markets have some level of freedom but it all ladders back up to the corporate strategy as it relates to ESG
  • Merck’s brand-new approach to incorporate metrics for ESG in their annual incentive plan for employees at all levels – not just executive – to transform employee engagement with ESG 

9:00 am Discover: Amplifying ESG Impact For Positive Change Through Partnerships And Employee Engagement


  • The business case to help transform your environmental and social impact for life science organizations at all stages and sizes
  • Creative new approaches to engage employees in your ESG programs and individual actions for sustainability to positively impact retention and hiring
  • Uncover the innovation taking place at Cell Signalling Technology on best practice sharing to do the right thing for people and planet

9:20 am Develop: What more can we learn about how to better engage employees in your ESG mission?

  • Rachel Taylor Executive Director ESG Strategy & Engagement, Merck & Co
  • Anthony Michetti Director of Sustainability, Cell Signaling Technology - CST

9:40 am Action: How will rethink your approach to engaging employees in your ESG mission?

10:00 am Spotlight: The Hidden Potential: Driving Green Pharma Logistics


  • Discussing how to uncover untapped CO2 reduction potential in pharma transportation
  • Uncover three key strategies in pharma transportation to make significant advancements in your Net-Zero journey including the key role of sustainable packaging
  • Hear from SkyCell as they share crucial best practices for life sciences companies to enhance their Net-Zero strategy

10:10 am
Networking Break

Advancing Your Sustainability Programs to be Fit For Purpose in 2024

10:30 am Discover: Tackling Data Management: Utilizing A.I to Begin Efficient Sustainability Data Collection

  • Helen P Revelas Director, Environment & Sustainability, EHS, Emergent BioSolutions
  • Jesse Marano Senior Manager EHS, Emergent BioSolutions


  • Rethinking how to capture source data and life cycle assessment data
  • A unique approach to beginning sustainability data collection using AI tools to collect data more efficiently
  • How Emergent BioSolutions was able to utilize unconventional methods to generate efficient carbon reports

10:50 am Discover: Advancing a Mature Water Stewardship Program for Life Sciences Organizations


  • Process for completing water stress assessments and implementing mitigation strategies
  • Developing a leading water stewardship program
  • Uncover Pfizer’s advanced approach to water stewardship 

11:10 am Develop: What more can we learn from innovative sustainability change makers leading the way in transforming environmental impact of life sciences organizations?

11:30 am Action: What will you now do to advance your substitutability strategies in your own life sciences organizations?

11:50 am Lunch

Staying One Step Ahead of Environmental Advancements in an Evolving Sustainability Landscape

12:40 pm Panel Discussion: Uncovering Future Sustainability Trends in Life Sciences and How to Stay One Step in Environmental Innovation


Questions will include:

  • What innovations in life sciences sustainability will take place now and in the next 5 years? Discussing where sustainability innovation is coming from and how we can get ahead of these trends? Bioplastics, green chemistry – what’s the next big green step?
  • Life Cycle Assessments: Tackling life cycle assessments and managing the footprint of a drug product that is comprehensive – not just life cycle assessment but from cradle to grave, from upstream and discovery research to commercialization
  • Biodiversity: Discussing biopharma organization’s role in biodiversity and how to embed it into the business
  • Electrification: how can you enable your life sciences organization to have sufficient infrastructure to enable this? What is the cost benefit analysis? How do you accelerate the adoption of renewable energy?

1:20 pm Discover: Uncover a Pharmaceutical Companies’ Experience Setting and Delivering a Nature Strategy, While Piloting Emerging Frameworks and Guidance for Nature such as SBTN and TNFD

  • Maureen Kocisko Program Director- Transformation Office,Global Environmental Sustainability, GlaxoSmithKline Plc


  • Understanding impacts and dependencies on Nature and key nature-related risks and opportunities
  • Discussing how to align with emerging frameworks for nature, and integrating climate-nature disclosures
  • What can we learn from GSK about taking action and working in partnership to address the priority nature related issues for the pharmaceutical sector

1:40 pm Develop: What more can we learn from sustainability experts leading the way in the future of life sciences substitutability?

  • Maureen Kocisko Program Director- Transformation Office,Global Environmental Sustainability, GlaxoSmithKline Plc

1:50 pm Action: What will you now do to stay ahead of environmental innovation and can you predict where future disruption in the space will come from?

2:10 pm Presentation: Partnering to Catalyze Science in the Developing World


  • Seeding Labs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that directs resources to support science in the developing world
  • After working with over 200 organizations across the life sciences industry, Seeding Labs has developed innovative ways for organizations to align social impact with other business objectives
  • Seeding Labs connects organizations with the efforts of scientific leaders in the developing world who are training the scientific workforce, developing evidence-based solutions, and creating capacity for nations to use science to improve conditions in their countries

2:20 pm
Networking Break

Transforming Your Social Practices Including DEI and Health Equity

2:40 pm Discover: Advancing Health Equity in Your Organization Including Building a More Diverse Talent Pipeline and Tackling Clinical Trial Diversity


  • Advancing clinical trial diversity including how to build trust with the patient community
  • Creating a more diverse talent pipeline to build a more inclusive and culturally competent healthcare ecosystem
  • Discovering the innovative health equity work taking place at Biogen and the measurable impacts being made to improve patient health outcomes

3:00 pm Discover: Rethinking How Health Equity fits into Your Sustainability Strategy and Leveraging the Value of Health Equity Beyond Reputation


  • How to leverage your organization’s unique capabilities to really make an impact on sustainability beyond just the reputational value
  • Rethinking how health equity fits into a life sciences organization’s sustainability strategy and communicating the value of health equity beyond reputation
  • Discover the innovative health equity work taking place at UCB and the case study led examples that demonstrate the intersectionality of this work in advancing your organization’s social practices and improving the business as a whole

3:20 pm Develop: What other questions do you have for experts who have been successful transforming life sciences social impact?

3:40 pm Action: What will you now do to transforming your life science organization’s social impact?

4:00 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of Conference