Panel Discussion: The Future of ESG for Life Sciences and ESG Change Management

Time: 12:20 pm
day: Conference Day 1


Questions will include:

  • What is the role of different stakeholders – internal and external – and how they are driving demand for ESG and the trends surrounding this? What are the tactics to get buy in from each of these?
  • How do we focus on what matters to our stakeholders in light of the evolving regulatory landscape including the upcoming SEC regulations?
  • Given the changing expectations for ESG from customers, do we need different skill sets to address these in the ESG function?
  • How will the different aspects of ESG – sustainability, access to medicines etc – come together to form an integrated ESG strategy?
  • What do ESG functions for life sciences organizations look like now and what will they look like in 5 years? What is the evolving role of finance, legal and compliance in ESG in different stage and size life sciences organizations? How do we navigate the change management processes involved in cross functional collaboration?