Breakfast Deep Dive Session | Tuesday November 14, 2023

Rethinking Agile Sustainability Practices & Establishing a ESG Strategy
An Interactive Workshop Morning to Establish Your ESG Strategy

For those earlier on in their ESG journey, what are the concrete steps than can be taken to establish an effective ESG function and successfully publish your first, second or third ESG report? What can smaller biotech organizations with limited amount people and resources do to actually drive change and transform their environmental impact?

Join this optional pre-conference breakfast deep dive (a workshop style session) before the main event begins and uncover concrete recommendations on best way to get your entire organization onboard with ESG, advance your sustainability agenda and overcome resistance to establish an ESG function.

7:40 am
Registration, Networking & Hot Breakfast

8:00 am Discover: Establishing a Right-Sized ESG Function, Priority Topics and an Impactful Report to Elevate Recognition

  • Doug Maffei Vice President, Head of ESG and Investor Relations, Seagen


  • How to determine which key ESG topics to report on for your business and stakeholders, which factors to consider, when to initiate a full materiality assessment and how to translate this into a communication framework
  • How to prepare your first ESG report, launch communication planning and effective engagement with investors and ESG ratings agencies
  • Uncover the step-by-step approach utilized by Seagen to successfully communicate the business value of ESG to executives and create an ESG function and report that moved ratings to have Seagen listed by Newsweek as the sixth most responsible healthcare company in America

8:20 am Discover: Effective Strategies for Establishing and Advancing ESG in Your Biopharma Organization

  • Arun Skaria Senior Director Corporate Responsibility & ESG, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


  • Utilizing a series of lessons learned and best practices, learn from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals on how to build an effective ESG function for biopharma organizations
  • How and when do you start thinking about environmental sustainability and how do you engage external stakeholders in your sustainability agenda?
  • How Alnylam was able to successfully establish governance for ESG with stakeholders from Executives, HR, Compliance etc.

8:40 am Develop: What more can we learn from sustainability and ESG leaders on how to develop agile sustainability practices and establish an ESG strategy?

  • Arun Skaria Senior Director Corporate Responsibility & ESG, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • Doug Maffei Vice President, Head of ESG and Investor Relations, Seagen

8:55 am Action: What action will you now take to develop agile sustainability strategies and establish an ESG strategy for your life sciences organization?

9:10 am Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Breakfast Deep Dive Session