Panel Discussion: Uncovering Future Sustainability Trends in Life Sciences and How to Stay One Step in Environmental Innovation

Time: 12:40 pm
day: Conference Day 2


Questions will include:

  • What innovations in life sciences sustainability will take place now and in the next 5 years? Discussing where sustainability innovation is coming from and how we can get ahead of these trends? Bioplastics, green chemistry – what’s the next big green step?
  • Life Cycle Assessments: Tackling life cycle assessments and managing the footprint of a drug product that is comprehensive – not just life cycle assessment but from cradle to grave, from upstream and discovery research to commercialization
  • Biodiversity: Discussing biopharma organization’s role in biodiversity and how to embed it into the business
  • Electrification: how can you enable your life sciences organization to have sufficient infrastructure to enable this? What is the cost benefit analysis? How do you accelerate the adoption of renewable energy?