Jennifer Wright

Company: Pfizer

Job title: Head of Environment & Sustainability


Discover: Advancing a Mature Water Stewardship Program for Life Sciences Organizations 10:50 am

Process for completing water stress assessments and implementing mitigation strategies Developing a leading water stewardship program Uncover Pfizer’s advanced approach to water stewardship Read more

day: Conference Day 2

Panel Discussion: Uncovering Future Sustainability Trends in Life Sciences and How to Stay One Step in Environmental Innovation 12:40 pm

Questions will include: What innovations in life sciences sustainability will take place now and in the next 5 years? Discussing where sustainability innovation is coming from and how we can get ahead of these trends? Bioplastics, green chemistry – what’s the next big green step? Life Cycle Assessments: Tackling life cycle assessments and managing the…Read more

day: Conference Day 2

Develop: What more can we learn from innovative sustainability change makers leading the way in transforming environmental impact of life sciences organizations? 11:10 am

Read more

day: Conference Day 2

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